CryoSpace is designed to provide immediate cooling for the whole body using the vapour of liquid nitrogen via exposure to cryogenic temperatures.

The operation of the unit is based on the system of liquid nitrogen evaporation and its delivery in the volatile form to the insulated cabin in order to produce and maintain the cryogenic temperatures. The lower part of the cabin includes a ventilation opening through which the remaining nitrogen vapour is removed at the end of each session.

The unit is equipped with an electrically operated lift which automatically sets the users position at a height such that their shoulders are level with the upper edge of unit’s casing. Direct contact between the user and the liquid nitrogen inside the cabin is impossible. The cabin is controlled via a built-in automatic operation system.

A touch screen is positioned on a sidewall of the cabin, which indicates the unit’s parameters and settings and allows control and regulation of the unit. The start-up key and emergency switch are situated under the touch panel.



The length of the session is set individually. It is recommended that the first time session of cryotherapy in CryoSpace last up to 90 (ninety) seconds at the lowest temperature of -140˚C.

Each next treatment can be lengthened by 30 seconds. However the maximum length of a single cryostimulation treatment must not exceed 180 seconds.  Typically it is recommended to undergo treatments cyclically once a day: 25 sessions, then 20, 15 and 10 every 6 months. It should only be used by adults of at least 155 cm height.

Cross-section - CryoSpace

Cross-section – CryoSpace